South West Legacy is a Bristol/South Wales based quarterly, community run, non-sanctioned, competitive Legacy Magic the Gathering Tournament based on the London Legacy Monthly format for people in the South West of the UK.

The aim of these will be to increase community participation in Legacy, help people who may not have access to certain cards test out decks if they are looking to buy into the format and to increase circulation of Legacy staples locally.

Also most of all to have fun playing a game and format we love!

Full details will be available on each event page however some general info is below:

Prizes will be Legacy Staples (to be confirmed prior to each event and dependant on the number of attendees).
Almost 100% of entry fee goes into prize pool (minus admin costs for paypal fees). Should anyone wish to verify this please email Stephen at, we aim to be as transparent as possible.
Decklists will be required prior to the event starting.
Rules level will be CompREL however playtest cards are allowed.
Playtest cards should be printed out versions of the card being tested sleeved with another card. We will not accept basic lands scribbled with sharpie or equivalent.
Although playtest cards are allowed WE DO NOT ENDORSE FAKE CARDS. Anyone trying to use fake cards as if they were legitimate will be asked to leave and their entry forfeited. For more details on this policy please see below*

THIS EVENT IS UNSANCTIONED AND NOT ENDORSED BY ANY STORE OR OTHER BUSINESS. We will have local judges present who will be enforcing rules as per CompREL. There will be at least three judges available to avoid any potential disputes. The judges may be playing in the event in which case for any disputes involving the judge, an alternate judge will be called to adjudicate.

In the event of cancellations please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to resell your entry where possible and refund your entry however, where we are unable to fill your spot we will not be able to issue a refund.

The prize pool will be dependant on the number of people who come along. Dual lands and Legacy Staples.

*Playtest Card Policy

This tournament will allow playtest cards. We understand that many people want to try Legacy but are unable to afford the high cost of the format, these tournaments are our way around the problem. By not making a profit, allowing playtest cards and giving prizes of Legacy cards we hope to make it a bit easier for those who want to give Legacy a try.

Playtest cards.

Playtest cards are not reproductions of authentic Wizards products and are created by players for personal and non-commercial use to test deck concepts.These are either colour or black and white printed (at home) pictures of the card you intend to proxy with the full accompanying text. They are then cut out and slipped into a sleeve with a real MTG card. ‘Sharpied’ basic lands are not allowed. This is because this tournament is meant to encourage new players and therefore all cards need their rules text. Some people with sight problems also recognise cards by their art so please use original art cards. We understand people have issues with the idea that these cards might now be slightly thicker, however the positives of this system outweigh the negatives. ‘Chinese Proxies’ or FAKE CARDS are in no way allowed. As you are allowed to use playtest cards there is no possible reason to bring these cards to this event. Please do not support counterfeiters. Collectors edition and World Championship cards are allowed.