Announcing SWaWLQ VI!

Because “Quarterly” is more of a Guideline

So our last event could have gone a little smoother but thanks to the contacts made in the trials from the past we are now able to offer ourselves forwards once more for the sixth installment in our little series! Hopefully now without certain big names piling in to ruin the day (yes I am still bitter about it).

What is the SWaWLQ?

SWaWLQ stands for “South West and Wales Legacy Quarterly”. For those not aware of what these events are: This is the sixth of what is a regular series of community run, player driven Legacy events. The aim of these is to increase community participation in Legacy, help people who may not have access to certain cards test out decks if they are looking to buy into the format and to increase circulation of Legacy staples locally.

When will it be held?

20th of August 2022
Doors open 12:00 so a little later than previous. Aim to start as close to 12 as possible so please be punctual!
Five rounds of Swiss finished by 19:00 (We hope).
Top 8 finishes before 21:00

Where will it be held?

This event will take place at Zero Degrees Microbrewery in Bristol. They provide a wide array of food and drinks including plenty of their in house-made stuff and we get a space in it all to ourselves 🙂

How much will it cost?

£25 – Entry to the event (5 Rounds of Swiss and Cut to Top 8)

To explain how the ticket price breaks down.

£23.50 goes straight into the prize pool to allow us to provide sweet legacy staples for all to try and win. (More than last time!)

No venue fees this time! (We’ve already paid a refundable deposit so you don’t have to, just make sure to behave nicely.)

£1.50 covers PayPal’s transaction fees and site costs.

Food and Drink

The venue has a wide selection of food and drink. They have everything you could possibly want for sustenance including beer, cider, pizzas, tea and coffee (even desserts!) so please do not bring any food or drink from outside into the venue. If anyone is found to be doing so they will be asked to leave the premises and their ticket will not be refunded.

How many tickets are available?

This event will be limited to 32 participants.

What are the prizes?!

Everyone loves a cheeky bit of draw-go in their lives, a chance to take it easy and regain control in their lives. As a result we are presenting a variety of items favouring the traditional UWx Control archetypes of the format.

We should have some lovely pictures of the actual cards to show once we have them confirmed, until then please bear with us!

Prizes will of course scale with attendance and so the more people that sign up early the better prizes we can offer early on!

The one prize we can show off is our prize for first place! The winner currently is set to take home a cheeky Revised Tundra! See below in all its glory!

First place real estate

Now for the second place shinies! Tired of Blood Moon ruining your day or having had one too many Show and Tells resolved against you!? Then look no further! Our second place prize winner will get three delicious Force of Negations to help keep evil at bay!

Second place permission

What are the rules?

The event format will be Legacy.

This event is community-run and not affiliated with any stores, and is as-such unsanctioned.

If something goes wrong with a game or players cannot agree on a fix, they can ask for an impartial decision from one of the organisers. Sensible fixes will be applied where appropriate.

You are permitted to use playtest cards (as defined below) at these events. Playtest cards should be printed out versions of the card being tested sleeved with another card. We will not accept basic lands scribbled with sharpie or similar – if you’re not sure, just ask!

Please use clear artwork and English printings of cards.

Although playtest cards are allowed WE DO NOT ENDORSE FAKE CARDS. Anyone trying to use fake cards as if they were legitimate will be asked to leave and their entry forfeited. Playtest cards are not reproductions of authentic Wizards products and are created by players for personal and non-commercial use to test deck concepts.

Will decklists be required?

Decklist submission will be required; this is to prevent any funny business, so that we can publish meta statistics and so that we can post the Top 8 decklists and provide a nice, detailed write up of the event at the end.

After purchasing your ticket please submit a decklist

You may re-submit your decklist at any time up to 11:00 on the day of the event. We’ll assume you are playing the most recently submitted decklist.

Covid Guidelines

Currently there are no COVID restrictions expected within the UK however….

We will be following all applicable government and venue guidelines at the time of the event.

Please make sure to follow all current government and venue guidelines.

DO NOT attend if you are feeling unwell or if you have had a positive covid test up to 10 days prior to the event. If you are feeling unwell on the day or have had a positive test result within 10 days before the event, please contact the organisers and we shall refund you your ticket entry.

If people wish to wear a mask they are welcome to do so. Likewise if people wish to not handle other’s cards (or have their cards handled) then verbal cuts after shuffles are allowed. This can be observed by an organiser if you wish. Please be respectful of each other, not everyone has the same circumstances or levels of tolerance and COVID is still around.

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